Play counts

Every year I reset the play counts of my entire iTunes library, so that I can have a snapshot of what I’ve been listening to every year, and also because it’s not fair on songs that were added to my library in, say, 2011 to have to compete with songs that were there at the beginning in 2003 (I have a very strange relationship with fairness)

This process involves creating a new static Top 50 of 20xx playlist from my Top 50 Right Now smart playlist, and then saving it in 5 different formats to preserve the number of plays, because I can never remember which format actually includes the play counts.

A couple of years ago I had to add a condition to the smart playlist to include only songs that I’d played more than once, because otherwise it got too cluttered in early January. Which explains why my current Top 50 playlist is three songs long and comprises vaguely embarrassing 80s pop, death metal, and weird experimental drummy stuff.

Actually that’s not a bad summation of my iTunes library. Rock!

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