Cut off!

This may be the last picture of the intact Granny Fahey bridge ever taken. I stopped on the way home on Friday (when only about 60mm had fallen) and took a few photos for my Project 365, which is rapidly growing into a Project 1000.

The old Granny Fahey bridge, from the Wingham side.

In happier days…

This is what it looked like on Tuesday when I attempted to go to the shops:

The Granny Fahey bridge, on its side and underwater

“Proceed with caution.”

But Caparra Road is not a dead-end! Maybe the reports were wrong and we might be able to get out the other way?

The Goldsmith bridge on Caparra Rd, washed about 20m downstream. The flood marker is on its side in the foreground

Floods in Australia sometimes happen sideways.

Maybe not.

The SES helicopter has been over a couple of times – council staff are touring the affected areas, and people need food and medicine. Apparently we’re the priority when it comes to fixing the recent storm damage, which is nice to know, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to take at least a week for a temporary bridge to be installed.

Stay tuned for more thrilling details!

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