Inundated (again)

So on the last weekend of February(*) the heavens opened and Sub-Sub-Tropical Storm WTF rained down upon us. Port Macquarie disappeared beneath the waves and here at Nerdhaven we had 150mm of rain in one day

“Surely this won’t happen again,” we said.

“I’ll do the washing on Friday,” I said. “And I won’t fill up the empty gas bottle or get layer pellets for the chickens, because I can do that on Saturday when I go to the farmers’ market.”

So on Friday we had the entire average rainfall for March.(+)

Then on Saturday we had the average rainfall for March, again. Roads were closed. Bridges were underwater. Goats were cranky. Dogs were pitiful. Taree disappeared beneath the waves. The farmers’ market at Wingham may or may not have gone ahead; I decided it was best not to tempt fate, which was a good thing on account of all the closed roads and underwater bridges.

On Sunday the clouds were tired and we only had half the average rainfall for March. The flatmate dug a drain behind our camp so we don’t have water flowing under our back step any more. I brought in the lid from our rain barrel, so we can stand somewhere dry while we take off our gumboots. The dog has been clearing the mud from the outdoor area by tracking it into the caravan, because he likes to help out where he can.

At least the washing is now on the line. It has been on the line since this morning, when there was a random patch of blue sky and I was so surprised I said some very rude words (don’t tell my parents). And the rain keeps on coming, so it will probably be on the line until this time next week, unless we get the entire mean rainfall for March next Friday as well. But with any luck I’ll be in Melbourne then, and it never rains there.

(*) It’s a testament to how much I love my football that my fingers automatically typed “September” there…

(+) Mean rainfall 140mm, median rainfall 124mm. (We were closer to the mean rainfall – 139mm, 142mm, 60mm.) We’re right in the middle of the wet season now; it’ll keep raining until June and then stop until November, and we’ll look back fondly on these times and shed a single tear, while leaning carefully over the rain barrel so as not to waste water.

[**] Why do all the spammers love this post? In any case I’m sick of moderating all the spam so I’ve turned comments off. Sorry, hypothetical legitimate commenters! Please feel free to comment anywhere else. :)