Forgot I had a blog…

The bridge is back, incidentally. I didn’t get to go to Melbourne, and apart from the acute disappointment at the time, I spent the next few weeks thinking “why didn’t I get [ginger drink | more spices | Lush soap | a better lens | etc] while I was in Melbourne? Oh yes, because I didn’t go to Melbourne. Sad face”.

But I did get to go to Port Macquarie, so it wasn’t a complete loss. And the Car Park Deli(*) sells ginger drink, so I just have to remember to pick it up off the shelf next time I go in there, which is not as easy as you might think considering I haven’t managed to do it yet.

And I won a set of Red coasters because the bridge wasn’t there (it’s slightly more complicated than that), which makes it even less of a loss.

Hopefully I’m going to manage to update a bit more frequently now. Given that all the comments I receive are spam, I think the main victim will be myself, but still! We can only hope.

(*) This is a real thing. There is also a Car Park Doctor; I went there once because I forgot prescriptions expire after a year, had to wait for 90 minutes to see a surly doctor who knew more about my health than I did, and was bulk-billed to compensate for the wait. I have a different doctor now.

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