Shop What You Got: day 1

Hello there!

My first ever outfit post! Please be kind.

I decided for the first day of November I’d wear one of my current favourite outfits. I had to go into Centrelink (more on this later) so I needed a bit of a confidence boost. Funnily enough, just about everything here is either from an op shop or bought on sale – proof that it’s certainly not the cost that makes the outfit!

View 1

I got this dress in a bag sale (stuff as many clothes as you can in a bag for $5) from Valley Vintage; I’d picked out a couple of dresses for myself and some shirts for Mr Wright, and there was enough room left in the bag for some things that I wasn’t quite sure about. Originally the waist was elasticated, which made it too short to wear on its own and also a bit less than flattering, but I figured that eventually I’d find the right pair of skinny pants to wear underneath. Then I had a brainwave and unpicked the elastic, solving all my problems and giving me a new favourite dress.

Interestingly the store label has been partly cut out, but the size label is still there. Mr Wright and I have been throwing around ideas as to how this might have happened. Was it a gift for someone, and did the giver want to make sure the recipient didn’t return it for cash? Is it a low-class label and did the owner not want to appear too bogan? Is it a high-class label and did the owner not want to appear too show-offy? Did it not have a label in the first place? We may never know.

Another view of my outfit

The cardigan is another op shop score. I bought it to practice my embroidery on, but I couldn’t decide what to do, and then one day I needed a white cardigan and there it was in my wardrobe. I’m a big fan of cardigans, and a white one is a good compromise when it’s not warm enough to go bare-armed but it’s too sunny to wear black.

Look! Over there!

dress: House of No Label, via Valley Vintage
cardigan: Marco Polo, via Vinnies (Taree)
shoes: Candy, via the Anglican Op Shop in Wingham (that’s actually the name of the shop)
belt: came with a dress from Big W
tights: Emerson (Big W)
earrings: made by me from an old chandelier

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