Shop What You Got: day 2

Today was the Wingham farmers’ market, and we wanted to get there fairly early, so I threw on my easiest outfit. We were in such a hurry that I completely forgot to wear lip gloss for the photos! I promise I put some on before I got in the car.

Me in a skater dress

I got this dress from Big W in a recent sale – this is where yesterday’s skinny black belt came from. It’s a size larger than I’d normally wear, even taking into account Big W’s anti-vanity sizing (I usually wear a 14-16 but I’m a 16-18 at Big W), and it does make me look on the larger side, but on the other hand it’s so comfortable and floaty that I don’t really care. (And on the gripping hand they didn’t have an 18 anyway.)

What I love about this dress:

  • the boob panel actually goes over my boobs
  • the neckline is cool wihout being too plungy
  • it has short sleeves! Not cap sleeves, not three-quarter sleeves, short sleeves! It is one of two dresses in my collection that does. And I own a lot of dresses.

Now look to the other side...

It looks fine with the black belt but I think it looks better with the scarf. I get really twitchy when I have anything too close to my neck and also I have an enormous chest area so I find it hard to wear scarves as nature intended, but I love scarves and have amassed a vast collection over the past twenty years (without even noticing; I don’t remember buying this one), so it’s always a plus when I can wear a scarf in an interesting way.

Hey, red shoes!

I converted to footless tights during the Incredible Pre-Black-Saturday Melbourne Heatwave of 2009. I wandered around the streets of Abbotsford in my footless tights and maxi skirt, looking for a cafe that was open so I could buy some lunch because it had been too hot to make anything at home that morning (all the cafes were closed because it was too hot to make anything), and not expiring from the heat. These red sandals are probably from the same period; all my sandals have been breaking lately, and I was reduced to wearing my tan Maseur sandals in desperation until I found these in a storage box. They tone very nicely with my nailpolish (I tend to wear red a lot) and I picked my cherry earrings to continue the theme.

The end

dress: Avella (Big W)
scarf: I really have no idea. Savers Greensborough maybe?
shoes: Casual Expression
earrings: made by me

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