Shop What You Got: day 3

It was another ridiculously hot day in the Manning Valley today (37 degrees mid-morning! This might be barely acceptable in February, but in November? When one is hung over? It’s ridiculous) so Mr Wright and I went down to the creek for a swim and a picnic lunch. About three swims, as it happens. It was hot.

This is my current Top Outfit for throwing on over my swimmers:

Blue dress, green cardy

The dress is another op shop find from Someone Cut The Label Out Couture. I haven’t worn it enough to really get the hang of it yet, which is probably a good thing, because today’s outfit photos have shown me that it’s much more see-through than I realised! It is very comfortable and it dries in no time, which makes it great for swimming-adjacent activities (like when you get distracted and drip peach juice all down your front and have to rinse your frock out in the creek), and I love this shade of blue.

I’ve been pairing this dress with my white cardy, but I didn’t want to get creek dust all over it, so I opted for this green one, which has about one more season’s wear in it before it falls apart. I like blue and green together as long as they’re the right blue and green – these are both bold colours (not quite jewel tones) so they work well, but I’m not sure a pastel green would work with this blue, and I probably wouldn’t wear this cardigan with a pale blue top.

Blue dress, green cardy

I wanted to finish the outfit off with my silver elasticy sandals – they’re a bit too tight for my wide feet so they’re hideously uncomfortable for long periods, but they’re actually really nice for short periods like heading from the van to the car and from the car to the creek. But when I put them on, the elastic on one side promptly pulled out and I didn’t have time to fix them! I’d have swapped in a pair of white sandals, but I can’t find a decent pair of white sandals to save myself, so bare feet it was. I was going swimming, after all. And I did have a hangover.

[only two images today owing to a critical case of STF (See-Through Frock)]

dress: House of No Label (via Salvos Tuncurry)
cardigan: Basque Woman (Myer)
shoes: House of Barefoot Shelbies (via The Great Sandal Drought of 2013)
ibis clip: originally silver, painted with green nailpolish by me
earrings: a present in high school

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