Shop What You Got: day 4

(Sorry for the delay in posting these! Monday night is aikido night, which means leaving the house before 5 and not getting back until after nine (yay living in the country), and yesterday I couldn’t get the internet to work.)

After Sunday’s ridiculous heat Monday was more seasonable, and when the southerly breeze really got going it was almost chilly. This is more the sort of spring weather that I like.

I am madly in love with this jacket. It’s Bianca Spender for Carla Zampatti, and I found it in *drum roll please* an op shop, on the dresses rack, bundled with a pair of trousers. My hands noticed the fabric before my eyes did. Nice heavy cotton, fully lined with a decent-weight acetate, no holes or marks or falling hems anywhere, all the hooks and eyes firmly in place. It was gorgeous.

I scurried straight to the change rooms with all my fingers crossed that it would fit. Spoiler: it was close enough. It was a little smaller than I’d prefer and I couldn’t do up all the hooks and eyes (but then again I wasn’t wearing my minimiser bra), but it nipped me in beautifully at the waist and flared nicely over the hips and even flattered my swimmers’ shoulders. I had to have it. I didn’t even bother taking the trousers off the hanger.

It’s a little tight across the shoulders (driving is difficult but not impossible), but hopefully it’ll ease a bit with wear, and it’s not like I’ll be slinging boxes around in it. In fact, in this climate it’ll probably sit in my wardrobe 360 days of the year and I’ll just take it out every now and then to rub the soft lining against my cheek and get a hook in my eye.

Do you want to know how much I paid? $7.50. Seven dollars and fifty cents for an Australian made designer trouser suit. I’ve been to op shops that charge you that much for a plain T-shirt.

(The trousers don’t actually match the jacket – they’re a different fabric and a different shade of black, and also two sizes smaller. I’m not sure whether it’s more ethical to donate them back to the op shop, or sell them on Gumtree/Ebay and then use that money to buy more clothes at the op shop.)

This T-shirt is one of the smallest sized garments I own. I thought it looked a bit small for a size 16, but you never know, and when I tried it on it looked fine. Then when I was putting back all my rejects I looked down and saw “size 10″…

I didn’t plan it in advance but I like how the silver studs on the T-shirt are echoed by the silver hooks and eyes on the jacket.

The skirt was originally part of a minidress – the top half was designed for someone with more restrained assets (shoulders and bosom both), but the bottom half fit nicely, and it had pockets, which sealed the deal. I don’t have enough clothes with pockets. (My jacket has pockets. Another reason I love it so.)

In order to make it into a skirt I had to cut off the top half, then cut out the front zip, then cut a bit from the neckline to sew over the enormous (three inches at least) centre-front gap in the waistband where the zip had been, then thread the elastic through the resulting waistband, then tidy everything up, all by hand because I have no space for a sewing machine. It’s a good thing the skirt fits after all that! It’s much shorter than I’d usually wear, but I put so much effort into it that I’m wearing it anyway. And I like wearing fun tights and showing them off.

jacket: Bianca Spender for Carla Zampatti, via Taree Blue Cross Op Shop
t-shirt: Rivers, via Lifeline
skirt: Crossroads, via Vinnies and my sewing kit
earrings: made by me
tights: Target, via Target
shoes: Candy

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