Shop What You Got: day 5 (Melbourne Cup!)

Melbourne Cup day isn’t a holiday here in NSW, but Mr Wright and I happen to be friends with the proprietors of a local business who actually have it written into their constitution that they will have a party on Melbourne Cup day. How could we resist? In fact it was the best Melbourne Cup I’ve ever had, and that’s counting the time I actually won $7.50 on Doriemus. Props to Well Creative for the barbecue, Wingham Beef for the excellent scotch fillets, and a very special thank-you to everyone who topped up my glass of champers.

I had a hat, of course. But I forgot to put it on when we took the first batch of photos! Silly Shelby. It’s a white semi-frothy confection from Target, and I always intend to add more feathers to it but I can never decide what colour to go with. Black is elegant but boring. Blue is more exciting but I run the risk of looking like a North Melbourne supporter, or worse, Canterbury-Bankstown. Green is even more limiting. White is even more boring, with the added complication of having to match the whites. Silver would be a possibility if I could avoid looking completely ridiculous.

Speaking of completely ridiculous things, we have these shoes with this terrain. Any terrain, really; they have a three-inch stiletto heel and I have weak ankles. I still like them. When we left Melbourne I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever be in a position to wear them again, but I liked them so much I decided to hang on to them anyway. They’re at least one size too big for me length-wise (there were no size 10s so I had to go for the 11), but width-wise they’re comfy, and I’ve always liked the crossover shoe effect ever since I first saw a pair on UK What Not To Wear. My heels are quite narrow and court shoes tend to slip off my feet, so I need something to keep them on, and ankle straps are all very well but I like a bit of variety.

Fishnet tights with open-toed shoes: Shelby says, sure! Unless your big toe is poking through a hole in the tights. Not that that happens to me on a regular basis or anything. And you should probably do your nails.

(These heels really are three inches high. Stiletto heels on dry grass… well, at least it’s better than stiletto heels on mud.)

I found the dress in Salvo’s at Tuncurry a few weeks ago and I wasn’t entirely sure about it – I’m not quite convinced by the combination of cowl neckline and no sleeves, but it was longer than my other black dresses and therefore much more elegant and romantic. Interestingly enough, looking at these photos I like the neckline but I’m much less keen on the length – I remembered it as being ankle-length rather than mid-calf. I may have to borrow a sewing machine and take it up to just below the knee. That’s still longer than my other black dresses and therefore still a bit more elegant and romantic.

I wanted to add something to bring me in at the waist, since I do actually have a waist (sometimes I forget), and I decided on this gold scarf; it’s at least six feet long with the tassels, much too long to go around my midsection just once, but not quite enough to go around twice and stay there, so I secured it with a brooch. In retrospect I would probably tie it a bit tighter next time, as it did slip down a bit over the afternoon, but it stayed in place and didn’t dig in, so I’m calling it a success.

And of course I still love my jacket.

dress: House of Homemade, via Salvo’s Tuncurry
jacket: Bianca Spender for Carla Zampatti, via Blue Cross Taree
scarf: via Queanbeyan Salvo’s
brooch: via Valley Vintag
earrings: made by me
hat: Target
shoes: also Target
fishnets: now in the bin
sweep numbers: 7 and 17
winnings: $0

(A note on the challenge rules: I’m not counting the hat, because it’s a hat and hats don’t count. I am provisionally counting the shoes, the proviso being that I can actually walk in them; otherwise I reserve the right to swap them out for a pair of shoes of equal or lesser height.)

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