Shop What You Got: day 6

So this was possibly not the best challenge for someone who (a) doesn’t have to leave the block more than twice a week and (b) doesn’t have a dry place to stand outside when it rains! And (c) not having a phone that can Instagram is also a contributing factor.

But I will persist, oh yes. I’ve been very diligent in tracking what I do wear when I leave the block, even if I don’t get to photograph it, and I’m going to post 30 outfits featuring my 30 items even if it takes me until next January. So there.

Here’s another one!

This is my favourite cardigan and I’m almost surprised it’s taken this long for it to make an appearance! It’s very versatile – it’s a fairly light-weight fabric but it’s still cosy, and while the sleeves are very long (down to my wrist before the ruffles kick in) they’re loose enough to push up to your elbows if the weather turns warm, but not so loose that they get baggy.

The original buttons were tragically cheap – they were this shiny black plastic stuff and they had stray bits of plastic sticking out the sides (!) – so I replaced them with some plain black buttons that have been sitting in my button stash for way too long.

(I have a thing about buttons. Sometimes I’ll buy op shop clothes that don’t even remotely fit me just so I can reuse the buttons. Sometimes I’ll buy op shop clothes that don’t even remotely fit me just because I like the look of the buttons, even if I have no idea of what I could use them on. It’s a thing.)

(Does anyone else do this? Please tell me I’m not alone.)

This is why I can’t have nice things.

(Sherri is the wilful one with the dark brown and white face. Terri is the sweet one with the light brown face.)

I didn’t have this outfit on for long so I’m not sure how well the scarf holds up as a belt in this configuration – I’d probably have to shorten up that long end somehow, or double it over as I did with my Melbourne Cup dress. We’ll see if it makes another appearance.

dress: House of Please Stop Cutting Your Tags Off, Ladies
cardigan: Target
scarf: Salvo’s Queanbeyan
earrings: made by me
hair clip: Big W
shoes: Candy

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