Shop What You Got: interlude

I haven’t forgotten, and I’m still going! It’s just been a hectic week or so in the land of Nerdhaven. I’ve only left the block once since last Tuesday and we were too busy to take photographs. I did have tentative plans to catch up yesterday, but first we had to mulch the road so that next door’s cattle don’t walk all over it, and while I was making pegs out of old fence wire an excavator showed up to fix our driveway and dig out our dams, and then it was 6.30pm and neither of us could lift our arms.

I had even more tentative plans to catch up today, but it’s raining. Storming, in fact. This is a big deal. We’ve had a cumulative total of approximately 20mm of rain since June. (This is not a typo for 200mm. We keep records.) I’m certainly not complaining about the rain, especially since (a) the state is a tinderbox, (b) there’s a three-thousand-hectare fire on the next ridge over, and (c) we have dams again, but it puts a crimp in my outfit documentation.

“But Shelby,” I hear you say, “why can’t you just take photos inside?” Well, o delicious readers, I am currently residing in a caravan and we don’t have a great deal of inside. We’re getting demountable cabins soon – the next week or two, with luck – but they’re still on someone else’s block an hour’s drive from here. I do have an old dairy, which has some dry patches even though the roof is half missing, but it’s 300 metres away and I’d have to get all my clothes to and from the car and did I mention it’s storming?

On the bright side, it was so warm and windy on Friday that the washing dried in an hour and a half, so at least all my outfits are available even if I can’t photograph them.

In the meantime, I’ve updated my master list post with the new clothes I wore on Friday (new to the challenge, not new to me). I’m up to 18 items so far! And I haven’t even worn my other favourite cardy yet (it’s black with ruffles).

I’ll do my best to get photos up soon :)

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