Shop What You Got: master post

So in a bid to revitalise my poor old blog, I am taking part in…

iCurvy World

I have too many clothes, too little space, and a blog just sitting here – wins all around!

You can click on the banner above to see the full rules, but here’s a tl;dr version: you must pick 30 items of clothing, and then remix those pieces (and only those pieces) to create 30 different outfits, one per day. (Jewellery doesn’t count, which I’m very happy about, because otherwise at least 15 of my pieces would be earrings.) I only just found out about this challenge so I haven’t settled on a final 30 yet, but I’ll add items to the list as I go.

(I also want to say ahead of time that I have a very small living space – it’s a caravan and not a big one – and I might not be able to take photos if it ever gets around to raining up here. But I will be posting 30 outfits! There, now my inner perfectionist is satisfied.)

Shelby’s Master List

  1. black print dress with peasanty neckline
  2. black and white skater dress
  3. bright blue minidress
  4. long black cowl-neck dress
  5. pink patterned dress
Shirts and t-shirts
  1. Rivers black T-shirt with silver studs
  2. Tightrope black knit top with ruched waistband
  1. black miniskirt with pockets
Cardies and jackets
  1. Marco Polo white cardigan (3/4 sleeve)
  2. Basque green cardigan (short sleeves)
  3. Bianca Spender black jacket
Belts, scarves and other accessories
  1. skinny black belt
  2. black and white scarf
  3. gold scarf
  1. black platform wedges
  2. red sandals
  3. black crossover heels
  4. tan Maseur sandals (yes, I know)

So that’s 18. Including one deeply impractical pair of footwear and one deeply unfashionable one (as well as two moderately impractical ones). I really need to get a handle on my footwear choices…

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