Presented without comment

Well, not much comment.

My travel clock showing a temperature of 42.5 degrees C at 6.30pm

42.5°C is 108.5°F. This clock is inside a caravan. Also inside the caravan: my bed.

The official maximum temperature yesterday was 42 degrees at Taree Airport (although I was in and around Taree all day and believe me it was over 42 degrees, and if you don’t believe me then ask the dog, who required emergency full-body dousing under a tap for afternoon tea, an hour after which he was totally dry).

It didn’t cool down in the van until well after midnight, but by then I’d had a four-pack of cider and a voddy ‘n’ orange or two, so I wasn’t as upset as I might otherwise have been.

I am so over summer and it’s barely halfway through it.